Thursday, June 23, 2016

A visit from Grandpa and picking strawberries

My dad hasn't come out in a while so it was a big treat to spend time with him for a few days- especially when we went Strawberry picking :) It is one of my favorite all time things to do.

Sebastian's 4 year old bday party

I love having girls, but have to admit it is kind of fun doing different themes for BOY birthday parties! And, it was super convenient that Sebastian has developed a new obsession for Star Wars. So- we combined swimming and star wars, and it was a hit. We had a great time!

His budding best friend Rocky.

The spread.

Alexis made the cutest cookies! She is amazing.

My first shot at fondant. Don't look too close, but it was GF and I ate my fair share :)

Darth Vader was awesome!


We ordered one of those butterfly kits off of Amazon and it was awesome! All 4 of our butterflies went from caterpillar to crystalis, to butterfly. It was really fun for all of us!

We couldn't get Sebi to hold them... next time!

A random beach day of fun!

We borrowed my friend Holly's boogie  board, and I now realize that I need to get one!

Love this photo.

Fixing our backyard

We don't do many projects around the house anymore because we are pretty busy, but after letting our grass die last year in the drought, we took the opportunity to redo it- and I think we did a pretty good job!! If only I had the after picture! lol.

Last Day of School 2016 (and walkathon)

These kids are the best- and getting so big. This is what 1st grade, 3rd grade and preschool look like at the end of the year!

Some quick shots from the walkathon- sadly, I didn't get a shot of Maddie, but she was going strong until she twisted her ankle. Emilie and Sebi were troopers- I couldn't believe how many laps Sebastian did!

My birthday- a whopping 38 years old

I always get spoiled on my birthday with food! Steve made this delicious spread of fruit and quiche (my favorite). And, fresh squeezed orange juice- also my favorite. So lucky to have these guys pamper me.

We also went out for Fondue- super fun roasting marshmallows inside at our table!

My friend Alexis made me home made GF eclairs! Holy cow- she is so amazing.

They made me the cutest sign!

My goof balls.

My cards!!

Super great 38!